Tree surgery services

If your busi­ness needs pro­fes­sion­al, high­ly expe­ri­enced tree sur­geons, VPS Grounds can help you.

Tree surgeons doing emergency tree surgery

When it comes to your trees, you are entrust­ing us with his­to­ry; car­ing for and mak­ing safe trees that have been here for hun­dreds of years; it’s not unusu­al for us to be treat­ing trees from Vic­to­ri­an and even Geor­gian times.

Our high­ly expe­ri­enced in-house team of tree sur­geons are ful­ly cer­ti­fied and equipped to car­ry out var­i­ous types of tree ser­vices. Whether it is emer­gency tree work, ad hoc or sched­uled tree surgery we will be able to pro­vide all of the tree ser­vices you require.

Com­mer­cial tree surgery services: 

Commercial tree surgery services

Tree surgery:

  • Crown reduc­tions, thin­ning, rais­ing and pruning
  • Height reduc­tions
  • Pol­lard­ing
  • Storm-dam­aged trees
Emer­gency tree surgery services

Emer­gency tree surgery:

  • Fall­en trees removal
  • Dan­ger­ous trees made safe
  • Hang­ing branch­es removal
Tree felling and stump grinding/removal

Tree felling and stump grinding/​removal

Dead­wood removal

Dead­wood removal

Tree planting

Tree planting

Hedge trimming services

Hedge trim­ming

As an own­er or guardian of a prop­er­ty you have a duty of care to safe­guard against dam­age or injury caused by trees and as the experts in tree surgery, we bring the skills, expe­ri­ence and equip­ment to main­tain them and ensure you are com­pli­ant to all legislation.

Our lat­est tree map­ping solu­tions pro­vide you with a fast and cost effi­cient tool to sur­vey all of your trees, map them and pro­duce a sug­gest­ed scheme of works to main­tain the trees’ health and safe­guard against damage.

Con­tact us to dis­cuss your tree surgery project with one of VPS Grounds tree surgeons.

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